The Chambers of Prince of Wales

Springcress is offering a prime opportunity for small businesses, associations and professionals to invest in the growing commercial real estate market segment, while realizing your business need for customized office space. The Chambers of Prince of Wales is two distinct, low rise, and low impact office structures strategically located on one of the prime traffic arterials in Ottawa.

Both buildings of The Chambers are designed for ultimate office layout and planning flexibility. Business owners can purchase a single “office flat” of 1,160 square feet on one of three floors, or they can purchase additional flats to make a larger office and even combine three flats vertically to create an “office townhouse” of 3,500 square feet. In all, there are 24 office flats available for sale in the at the Chambers of Prince of Wales. Combining flats allow the business owner to acquire a substantial commercial property, divided into three flats and designed to allow owners to lease separate areas. This allows maximum flexibility for companies still growing or downsizing to create revenue from unused space.

The “apartment flat” concept, familiar to homeowners, offer many benefits to the small business or organization. Firstly, they allow for appropriate and efficient land assembly in strategic and densely populated areas. Nowhere is this more evident than this location - The Chambers is at the intersection of West Hunt Club and Prince of Wales and close to banks, restaurants and the public transit system along Prince of Wales Drive.

Building a grouping of 24 offices flats together also creates efficient economies of scale, making your office an affordable investment with solid returns. The size of this project allows for a human scale development with a traditional sense of balance and design. Architect David Blakely, has carefully designed The Chambers to meet the needs of professionals and small businesses like his own. Attention to detail, thoughtful space planning and excellent craftsmanship will provide owners with a business address of distinction that will steadily increase in value.

Each office features 9-foot ceilings on the lower level and 10-foot ceilings on the upper floors. Windows are large, providing maximum sunlight and some are operable allowing employees to enjoy fresh air. Each office flat has its own individual air conditioning unit. Interior spaces are simple and elegant with clear spans to provide for maximum flexibility for interior space design. The room layouts for flats shown in this brochure are included in the price, but modifications can easily be accommodated.